photoMike Shanklin – Political Cure Founder

Mike has almost a decade of freedom and political based research/experience and has built a team of voluntarist/anarcho-capitalist authors to help advance the message of individual freedom

199173_1005159487628_9966_nDaniel Rothschild – Editor & Contributor

Daniel Rothschild is the smartest, nicest, sexiest, humblest man on earth (and I say that without bias). Daniel believes that the key to freedom is humility (which he has in spades).  Daniel Rothschild has a masters in economics from San Jose State University and will start his PhD at George Mason University in the Fall. Daniel has co-written an article on civil asset forfeiture with Walter Block that will soon be published in the peer-reviewed The Journal of Private Enterprise. His experience in working in politics is limited (though anytime working in politics is enough). Last summer he worked for the Koch Brothers as a Koch Summer Fellow and considers the Koch Brothers as evil as they are Republicans (meaning not at all). Daniel consider considers himself an Austrian economist and is interested in primarily the economics of violence, democracy, and voting. He is a pure capitalist, consistent libertarian, market anarchist, or anarcho-capitalist (please feel free to subscribe any of those labels to him, as they all are the same thing). Daniel also is an administrator on the Facebook page, Statism is Slavery, and has a YouTube channel called DanielTheSexiest, which he says is not a lie since value is subjective.

11873374_10207494873189925_3777417961404025496_nLauren Rumpler

Lauren Rumpler, popularly known as Objectivist Girl, has been speaking on philosophy on shows like Anarchast, Free Talk Live, and Page Against The Machine. She has also spoken on a variety of different topics at Porcfest and led the “Ladies Panel” at Keenevention.


Jerry Hess11855672_10154146670468242_3380763171455694889_n

Jerry is a self identified Agorist that recently graduated college. Since that time, he has been trying to find various ways to apply Agorism to multiple aspects of life. He is a history buff particularly surrounding American history and the Civil War, he loves debating and discussing politics. He is fascinated by protesting and political activism. He loves and discusses beliefs in all kinds of topics from religion, philosophy, and economics to entertainment, sports, and all kinds of pop culture. He is currently trying to branch his Agorism into film and media, with plans on growing from there.

11863318_10153454123615042_4862996089300120226_nEthan Erkiletian

Ethan is a former talk radio show host, with the credit of being the primary voice of the world’s first Bitcoin themed, live radio call in show to air on commercial radio airwaves. In addition, he hosted a weekly current events show, providing insight and education in the context of what goes on in the world around us. A fervent voluntaryist, he currently casts off the notion of political action, preferring instead to seek out change in his personal life, and encourage others to engage in doing, more than speaking.

Today, Ethan works long days and nights in the blue collar world, being mostly contented to seek out maximum value in his own life. Of course, the bug for evangelizing freedom does not die easily, and so, you can still find the occasional writing from this fellow here, on the Political Cure.

1623565_855043609169_6560078_nBritta Spooner

Britta is 28 and has been interested in the Liberty movement since reading Ron Paul’s “Manifesto” in 2008. She made the tradition from “libertarian” to “anarchist” in 2013 after seeing Larken Rose speak at Anarchy in the NYC and reading his book “The Most Dangerous Superstition” and would recommend this book for anyone and everyone.

Danilo Cuellar11817161_10207797334316806_6296937337176376870_n

A practitioner of Eastern Healing arts with degrees in Acupuncture and Chinese medicinal herbs, I have always questioned the status quo, a path which led me to peaceful anarchism. Through my journey, I have worn many hats, that of a classical pianist, avid chess player, philosopher, comedian, and now father of two little anarchists. My wife brands me as a Cultural Critic, but I am simply following my thirst for knowledge and passion for writing.

11051792_1147029435310444_7226697190344402731_nMatthew Mencel

I’m a former Neo-Con that quickly evolved into a Market Anarchist/Anarcho-Capitalist in the years 2010-2012. Professionally I’m a young Paralegal but my passion is sharing the message of liberty. Outside of politics, law, and economics,, my other area of interests include Science, Religion, and moral philosophy.


 Andrew Criscione

andrew criscione

Andrew Criscione heads the Bastiat Institute, the Boston Austrian economics group, NH Austrian economics group, and does social media for


cory hastingsCory Hastings

Cory is 32 years old, and has been involved in the liberty movement for around 10 years. He volunteered with Justin Amash’s Congressional campaign and converted to an anarchist after watching the election rigging and dirty media manipulations used against Ron Paul. Cory still have some minarchist leaning views, but only in the sense that it is not practical to abolish the government over night without first minimizing it.


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