I took a bit of a break from writing articles because of two reasons: 1. Time got knotted up and 2. I noticed a direction the articles were going that wasn’t exactly beneficial to the argument I’m trying to make on this website, bringing people into Agorism rather than moving them away from it. I scrapped two articles because of it, a third might eventually show up somewhere, but I doubt it’ll be here. Instead, as a man that likes to make unconventional arguments, or ones you wouldn’t normally hear, and a guy who likes to take on a challenge and make a harder argument one way rather than an easier the other way, I’m going to do something a little different with these articles. One of the most common arguments I’ve come across is religion, and quite frankly, I think religion is much easier to argue against than to argue for, because a lot of the times: some weird, mystical, unearthly, and downright crazy things are not only claimed by religious people but said and preached in religious text. Everything from a God becoming literally human in Hinduism to Gods jealous of humans in Greek and Roman mythology, to some of the verses The Bible(insert the absurd verse you’ve heard here).

The one that probably gets the most criticism in the easiest way amongst the Western world is Christianity, because of such a high Christian population. For that reason a majority of my arguments will probably come from the Bible, but it is not the only religion that has gotten these particular things ‘right’ and not the only religious practices featured on this list. This list, is a new thing I’ve decided to do: 5 Facts/Arguments About Something. In this case, this is the list of 5 Things Religion Got Right That Everyone Thinks They Got Wrong. I hope you enjoy the arguments I’m about to make, but let us get to it.

Holy Books
Holy texts which derives some of the five things of religion mentioned in the article.


Now, I know what I’m about to say would be considered blasphemy to a lot of people I know whose love of bacon is on its own level. I also know several people that would probably die from a heart attack if Pepperonis stopped being made tomorrow, but it’s an intriguing argument nonetheless. Everyone likes to make fun of the religious texts, particularly Muslims who take it to a much further level than their Christian counterparts despite it being from the same belief system, when they mention no pork. The problem with this, however, is that they don’t actually know what they’re making fun of, or the argument that is being made in regards to it. While circumstances have most definitely changed and eating pork isn’t even as close to as dangerous as it was before, it used to be a very dangerous thing to do. Why, you might ask? Well that’s where farmers come into the equation: anyone that has ever worked on a farm or has a slight understanding of how pigs are on a farm knows something that the extreme bacon lover might not.

What is this secret? Ironically, it’s not as big of a secret as you’d think, in fact, the famed pastor Joel Osteen has made the argument, you can even go listen to it on Youtube. That argument is that pigs are not a very good thing to eat, because of what they eat. If you’ve never encountered a pig before, having been to a county 4-H in my life before, let me tell you: they will eat anything. Pigs are not only one of the few farm animals that will scavenge on anything, including other dead animals, but have been known to eat their own filth. Why is this significant? A pig has probably the worst digestive system of any farm animal. In comparison to a cow, which has multiple fully functioning digestive systems, a pig has not only a partially functioning digestive that is horrible at digestion, but it’s the quickest of any farm animal, slightly under 5 hours to fully digest. What does that mean? When that pig eats its own filth and you eat that pig….enjoy that bacon. In today’s world, it’s not quite as bad, we have much more tolerable immune systems and modern medicine, but imagine eating something like that in a much worse time with no modern medicine.

Is it starting to make sense why religious authorities would make the argument against eating such a thing? The entire irony of this whole situation is that everyone thinks religion is nuts and even Christians, the very people warning against it, eat pork as if the text never said a word about pigs. In reality, given the knowledge we now have about pigs, their terrible diets, and their awful digestive systems: it was a real concern of death back then if you tried pork. That bacon literally could kill you if it wasn’t cleaned enough, so while everyone thinks it’s wrong and a joke: religion actually got it right.


This one goes second because it’s in the same boat as pork, everyone makes fun of it without understanding it. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen something saying: God could ban slavery or shellfish, he chose shellfish, cycle across my wall but it’s a level of ignorance towards the religion I’ve never seen. Why? Because at the time it was written, slavery was common place and normal, slavery also didn’t cause death quite like shellfish did, so it wouldn’t make sense to ban slavery, before it was considered wrong. Besides, there’s thousands of verses on the subject and the legality of it, but because it’s become wrong throughout humanity: No one takes those seriously or listens to the arguments they make anymore. Those that don’t believe often use those verses to mock Christianity, but no Christian in today’s world truly believes in any of those verses anymore or their relevancy, unless perhaps: the KKK still does, I don’t know what they believe so it’s hard to tell. The KKK, however, are not even remotely representative of any modern Christian, so the point is valid.

While shellfish is technically irrelevant today as well, for the same reasons as pork, if either is more relevant: it’s definitely shellfish. Why, you ask? Have you ever heard the expression: bottom feeding scum? A phrase normally thrown at another human being but referring to a species so low it scavenges on the crap of other people, what you just described in the sea is shellfish. Shellfish are known, quite literally, to be bottom feeding scum, it’s yet another fact covered, in the same Youtube video, by Joel Osteen. At one point, in our prison systems, it was considered cruel and unusual punishment and torture at one point to serve lobster more than twice a week in prison. Today, hearing such a claim is not only considered absurd, but laughable, since we think lobster are more quality of a fish. Not quite. Lobster are technically shellfish and just like the rest: feed on the filth of other fish, because of this: they, like pigs, have terrible digestive systems. If there was an equivalent to pork and how bad it was for you to eat back then, you need only look in the water, for that equivalent was shellfish. Just like pork, we make fun of it now, but then: it was a real danger, meaning, just like pork: this is another thing that religion got right, but everyone thinks it got wrong.

Mixed Clothes

            This is the last one coming from primarily Christian texts and gets mocked quite often in various ways. Many people think it’s dumb, even for the time, and a lot of people comment on how their clothes are all mixed fabrics. In today’s society: that’s fine, back then: not as much. Why do I put it like that? Because, even in today’s society, there are problems caused from various fabrics, in comparison to others, that are the butt of various jokes(no pun intended) but nobody knows why. If you’ve ever heard a claim that old men, quite literally, have no asses, because they scratched them all off, you’re likely a large majority, but what you don’t understand is the root of that joke. Putting it as simply as possible: polyester. Why do I say polyester? Because many men encounter a problem in their lives with that awfully itchy condition known as ‘hemorrhoids’, but I doubt many have any idea where the source came from, since most don’t even like to discuss it. I’m telling you here and now: it’s probably polyester.

Polyester is not only a terrible quality as a fabric, feeling oily, uncomfortable, and unpleasant, but polyester is almost always a mixed fabric, usually with cotton, sometimes with other cheaper fabrics. Why? Because polyester is not only uncomfortable as a fabric, it causes reactions in the skin and makes them itch, a lot. If you wore pure polyester: you’d never stop scratching, and if polyester rides up against a portion of your skin for too long, as happened with a shirt and my armpits: it can develop a rash that you’d very much rather avoid. Now what does this have to do with the men? Without realizing it: most men that wear boxers/boxer briefs that are extremely loose fitting, are wearing 45% polyester or more. Considering that most men wear pants overtop of those: it means the polyester would be rubbing against that man. Now imagine what I just said about my armpits developing a rash from a polyester shirt happening ‘down there’, you now understand why they say old men have no asses. This is mixed fabric, quite literally. It is very uncommon that you would ever find a pure 100% polyester, you probably wouldn’t want to wear it if you did, from the itching, meaning: religion actually got this one right. Think about that the next time you go to share that verse in a ‘jokingly insulting manner’. Mixed fabrics are awful for you, even if you don’t realize it.

But wait, what about other fabrics? Polyester isn’t it. Correct: but one of the other most common fabrics is Cotton. Silk is neither here nor there as a fabric, it depends on the person, so it doesn’t need addressed per say, because it can either make you itch or feel comfortable. But Cotton: unless it is mixed with polyester or some other cheap synthetic is probably one of the most common things to wear and almost always comes in 100%. Hell, any cotton 75% or better is still good to wear and pretty comfortable, which means that the fabric is basically all cotton. Despite the fact that ‘everyone knows it shrinks in the wash’, I doubt too many people would throw on polyester underwear now knowing it makes you itch, over say Cotton, particularly men when they make 100% Cotton Boxer Briefs that fit loose(not as loose as polyester admittedly, but pretty comfortable). I also seriously doubt anyone would choose the mixed fabric of Polyester over 100% Cotton if they knew my last little tidbit: Cotton actually helps the skin’s itching problem, suppresses it, and keeps it from overwhelming you. That’s right: the pure fabric is actually better to wear for you than mixed fabric, by A LOT. And you thought it was funny to make fun of the claim of ‘no mixed fabrics’, silly you.


Now this one has a mixed response, as some people have no problem with the fasting, while others have extreme issue with the ‘abuse you’re doing your body’. The most intriguing part of this thing: it’s probably more beneficial and helpful to you than it is harmful. Not only does fasting have the ability to prepare you for hard times and the inability to accurate adequate resources and food, but there’s quite a few medical benefits of fasting. Let me dispel the immediate myth off the bat, almost all medical arguments agree: never fast to lose weight, it is terrible for weight loss. Not only will you gain most of it back when eating normally, but it’s generally an unhealthy way to attempt losing weight cause your body’s metabolism rate screws up. This is not one of the benefits I’m speaking of about fasting, nor should you consider fasting a way to ‘lose weight’, so don’t assume that. Fasting is beneficial, however, for the sake of cleansing your body of toxins. It also helps with the natural building of your immunities. This is why some people go on juicing diets, the juice restores nutrients lost in the fast while the fast helps you clean yourself out.

Another intriguing thing about fasting is that we do it every night and don’t realize it, as the new rules on healthy eating have tossed the old three meals out the window, in favor of multiple small meals throughout the day. This is because your body prefers to be fed when you need the energy, rather than just three times a day and no eating for several hours before bed. This is also the answer to the age old question of: Why is breakfast the most important meal of the day? Because you ‘break’ the ‘fast’ of the night before where your body was consuming nothing. I bet a few lightbulbs just went off as to where breakfast got its name. But these are nothing compared to the most beneficial part of fasting: medical fasting.

In medical procedures and intense surgeries, they either require you to fast so your body isn’t wasting energy on digestion during the surgery or do ‘rapid fasting’, which is the infamous tube anyone that’s been in surgery knows. The tube literally sucks everything out of your stomach that it can so you don’t have to personally fast. This is intriguing, because even something as simple as a fasting because you are devoted to your beliefs can have enormous benefits that nobody was aware of. This makes yet another thing religion got right that anybody who critiques the practice is convinced it got wrong. I’ve heard quite a few people make comments on how ‘damaging’ it is or how ‘stupid’ those doing it are, but sad to say: they’re actually right on this one.

Spiritual Journies

While this one is a little more separate than the rest, considering many people are huge proponents of traveling and vacations in exotic new places, you probably know someone who has stated something similar this at least once or twice: “You spent hundreds of dollars to go hiking in the mountains and find God, why couldn’t you find him in a new hot tub or a flat screen at those prices”. If they understood the religious significance of the hiking in the mountains: they wouldn’t even utter such a phrase, but they’re ‘trapped in the material world’ as a Buddhist would say. Let me shed a little light on why I say that: the entire purpose behind such a trip is to leave behind the things of life, reality, and materialism so that you not only experience nature on a whole new level, but have a strengthened relationship with yourself that helps you better become devoted to your beliefs, plus the benefits are very high.

To anyone that has ever been on vacation: I don’t even need to explain how, since the concept is very similar. Not only do you escape life and reality for a little while, but you drop the responsibilities of everyone and everything around you in favor of ‘bettering your situation’ and ‘making yourself at peace’. For those that have never experienced such a thing, the benefits are enormous: everything from helping stress to stopping depression to helping you forget about the struggles and worries of life, at least temporarily. You not only function better as a person after such an ‘escape’, but if you do it in the name of spiritual journey, as Buddhists encourage you to(particularly Zen) or the Islamic faith requires with the pilgrimage to Mecca: the world behind your beliefs is said to become clearer and you as a person more religious. Just like how a vacation frees people from the stresses of everyday life, a spiritual journey tends to free people from the worries of their beliefs, it’s even been said to strengthen the faith of those who are questioning or doubting whether they should continue to hold such beliefs. Nature tends to have that effect.

So if you are one of the people that thinks the money is better spent on a flat screen: Maybe you need to take the spiritual journey. It will not only help your overall mood and attitude towards life, if done properly, but it might just help free you from the grasp of materialism. Materialism is a very powerful thing and you never truly understand this until you have nothing, whether by choice or not. With that being said: I hope you enjoyed the article and the arguments I presented. If you wish to double check me: I’d encourage it, but you’ll find that just about everything I said has some truth in it.

Five Things Religion Got Right That Everyone Thinks It Got Wrong
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