When seeing how the RNC and the Republican Establishment is acting two possible thoughts came to my mind: 1) The Republican Establishment actually wants Trump to win the nomination. They believe Trump will be the best chance to be able to beat Hillary and that they prefer any Republican over a Democrat. Since Trump’s success is due partially by his portrayal as anti-Establishment then if the Establishment pretends to not embrace him this will garner even more Trump support or 2) The RNC does not like Trump because they want a puppet and someone they can boss around but is really just a figure head and Trump is far from such a guy. The RNC is so out of touch with what the GOP voters want that they are engaging in suicidal strategies if their goal is to beat Hillary.

At first I sort of entertained the first thought since I know there is so much voter fraud that if the RNC actually wanted to stop Trump they could have. They were able to stop Ron Paul and marginalize him, so why aren’t they doing the same with Trump? But then it dawned on me that the government is not filled with evil geniuses so much as it is filled with idiotic morons. To quote Michael Shermer, “Do you know how I know government wasn’t behind 9/11? Because it worked.” Likewise there is no reason to believe the RNC would like Trump since they want a puppet. Therefore I believe that the RNC’s efforts to try to stop Trump are real and that since they are so convinced of their own superiority and are have so disenfranchised the majority of Republican voters that they actually believes their tactics can work. That or perhaps they would rather have Hillary than Trump.

Before talking about how the RNC is actually doing whatever it can to help Trump (even though I don’t think that’s their intention) let me first talk about the psychology of Trump first. Donald Trump subscribes to the belief (which this current election cycle unfortunately confirms) that “there is no such thing as bad publicity.” Donald Trump more than anything else craves attention and would rather have negative attention than none. I believe Donald Trump originally ran for President as a gag. He likes the attention and so ran for the attention. Only later he realized how idiotic the voters are (something Trump has said to his fan’s face repeatedly) and that he could actually win the Republican nominee and perhaps even the vote. Trump craves attention more than anything else and now with the allure of power to add to his vices he craves that as well. Many people, both Democrat and Republican alike even now still do not understand why Trump says the things he says, yet it is obvious to anyone who understands people’s psychology: Trump believes the best way to get more votes is to have people talking about him. Controversy gets hits and so he is saying whatever will cause the media to talk about him. Trump may criticize others who criticize him but he craves attention and the worst thing the media could do to Trump would be to ignore him. Giving him attention, even negative attention only strengthens Trump’s support more.

Last time Trump ran for president he said that he believed Obama was not born in the United States. Did Trump say it because he is a bigot or did he say it to get attention? Why did Trump defend Planned Parenthood and criticize George W. Bush’s invasion of Iraq when these are far from mainstream Republican policies? To stand out. If Trump would take the same positions as everyone else he would not stand out, but be forgotten. There is a reason Trump constantly says, “You would not even be talking about illegal immigration if it wasn’t for me.” It is not because Trump is against illegal immigration (he hires them himself) but because he wants to portray himself as an innovator who created new ideas instead of being a robot. Why did Trump say that he never heard of David Duke when a decade and a half ago he criticized him? Because Trump knew what would happen if he did not speak out against such an endorsement, which is that he would be all over the news which is exactly what Trump wants.

The best way to defeat Trump (thought by now it’s probably too late) is to ignore him. Do not talk about him on TV, even if it’s negative. Negative publicity is better than none and the Democrats are helping Trump win every time they give him air time. There is a reason John Oliver originally did not want to talk about Trump at all and that’s because he did not want to give him air time and even when John Oliver spoke about him he deliberately misspelled his name in order to take away some of the fame of Trump. John Oliver seems to understand that publicity is what Trump craves, so can’t anyone else?

The RNC believes that negative publicity is better than no publicity and thinks that tarnishing Trump’s image and running a campaign called, “Stop Trump” is a good thing, when in reality this is the best thing for Trump for 4 main reasons: 1) Trump wants attention. Having an entire campaign whose sole purpose is to defeat Trump marginalizes Cruz and focuses all the attention at Trump, 2) Part of Trump’s rise to success is his portrayal as being anti-Establishment. Having the Establishment have a campaign called, “Stop Trump” is proving him right. If the Republican Establishment really wants Trump to lose they should embrace him with open arms. They did that to Jeb Bush and Rubio and looked what happened. This election cycle every candidate (from the GOP) who the Republican Establishment backs performs last. It used to be that Kasich was performing last but once the RNC started putting all their energies in backing Rubio he fell flat and did even worse than before, 3) The Republican voters want someone who portrays themselves as not just another politician, bought and paid for by the special interests. The majority of Republican voters want someone they know and recognize. Having a campaign called Stop Trump makes it where it’s Trump vs. ever other candidate. All the other candidates are the same and are replaceable with each other, but Trump is different. A campaign called Stop Trump helps convey such an image, which is to Trump’s benefit. If this election cycle, the Republican voters are sick of people who come across as robotic politicians, having a campaign dedicated to conveying an image of Trump being different and everyone else an indistinguishable, interchangeable robots confirms the image Trump portrays himself as, and 4) For quite sometime, the neoconservatives suffer from insecurity and fake machismo. Republicans like to sound tough and strong. Though the Republicans may say they stand for freedom and a government that gets out of the way, what they really want is a strong ruler who will boss other people around. Like so many deluded fools, the Republican view the state as their savior. They want a man who will smite their enemies and crush dissenters. The Republicans are just as authoritarian as the Democrats are, the only difference is that the Democrats openly support an expansion of state power, whereas the Republicans say the love the free market. A strongman and bully is exactly what the masses of voters want. Both of the major parties view the government as a parental figure. The Democrats view the state as a mother, endowing them with love, health, and education. They view government as an institution that will coddle them and protect them from the scary outside world. The Republicans view the state as a father, enacting strict, corporeal punishment. The Republicans view the state as a strong father that will punish harshly those who go against their wishes. They want the government to crush their enemies. Trump knows this and has done all in his power to portray himself as a tough guy. He’s boorish, rude, encourages violence, does not like dissent. He is strong and he will make America great by smiting all those who do not listen to what America has to say. A great number of Republican voters are heavy nationalists who believe that America has been weakened and are looking for someone who speak tough and know how to get what he wants. When Ben Carson said, “Can someone please insult me,” so he could get a chance to speak, while such a statement is quite humorous it is not what the Republicans are looking for in a candidate. They don’t want a candidate who openly says, “I want attention, please don’t ignore me insult me if you have to.” They want a candidate who is not cowering and will make mince meat of all who defy him. The Stop Trump campaign, as well as the Democrats have helped Trump’s poll numbers by portraying Trump as someone to be feared. While the Stop Trump campaign may believe the purpose is to show a warning of disaster may fall if Trump gets elected, to the electorate it only shows that they are scared of Trump. They don’t know how to defeat Trump and are scared of him. This is exactly the image Trump wants to convey: You do what I say or else. We are not scared of you. We are America and will will crush all who defy us. We are not cowering whips who never get anything done because they are scared. Look how scared they are of us. They are even willing to let Hillary win since they are so scared of us. And why are they scared of us? Because we know how to make America great and accomplish great things and they don’t. They are weak and scared of our success.

What is simply amazing is how brilliant Trump is in spinning the narrative to suit his own purposes. Trump is an absolutely brilliant conman who is able to turn what might sound bad to his own advantage. For example, recently Ben Carson endorsed Trump and gave the least enthusiastic endorsement possible. Ben Carson basically said, “I would rather have supported anyone else but it doesn’t look like they can win, plus Trump offered me a job if I back him.” The Democrats who seem to be equally stupid when it comes to understanding the mindset of the Republican voters. This election the voters have made it clear that they do not want a candidate who can be bought or a candidate who is just part of the Establishment. Trump says that he is able to buy politicians in order to get political favors and that the politicians are so weak they are willing to sell out just to advance their own career. And Ben Carson proved him right. Ben Carson pretty much said, “I am just a regular politician and even though I haven’t been in politics before I am equally a sellout. I prefer Donald Trump the least out of any candidate but I will support him if it advances my career. Since Trump has spun the narrative that he is working for the people and the masses have bought it, Trump buying politicians is another way of saying, “I know how to get what I want. And since what I want is to make your lives better, vote for me and I will have politicians eating out of my hand. Everything Trump does is so perfectly orchestrated to emasculate politicians and expose them for the aggrandizers and cowering insecure wimps that they really are. For example, when Chris Christie endorsed Donald Trump, Chris Christie stood behind Trump as Trump was speaking like he was a statue. Chris Christie acted so obsequious. Chris Christie who has made a career as a tough guy was made to feel small and manipulated by Trump, which is exactly what Trump wants: Just look how I can get people eating out of my hands.

There is a part of me that loves Trump running for president. He is an anarchist’s wet dream. This is not meant as an endorsement. Trump is an authoritarian megalomaniac, but because he is such an egoist he is also able to expose the political process for the circus and joke that it is. He has said the media are liars and corrupt and they have proven Trump correct. For example, in a recent debate, Fox News and the other candidates grilled Trump relentlessly. They showed how he is a con artist, is ignorant. They had videos they put on stage how Trump what Trump said and how it does not make any sense. While I’m glad Fox News exposed Trump they did something else which was so obvious (though in truth I think the voters are too dumb to probably notice) and that is they did not grill anyone else. There were no videos of things the other politicians have said and the contradictions. It was obvious that the debate was focused exclusively on smearing Trump. Gone was an pretense of objectivity. Fox News wanted Trump to be destroyed, but failed since Trump has been able to convince others that this what the media wants to do. Why did they not go after the other candidates as hard?

The debate after everyone was a softy and it was as if the harshness of the debate has gone. Instead of being criticizing Trump everyone was being nice to him. Trump, being the political genius he is, made notice of this. “Everyone is being so nice up here. It’s really a great change of pace.” The point Trump was trying to convey is not a sincere compliment, but that everyone on stage is a phony. Everyone during the last debate they excoriated him, and now everyone is kissing his ass. Trump has won. He can manipulate people and control the environment around, with everyone else only reacting to him and Trump being the man behind the curtain. In the beginning of the “polite” debate one of the questioners asked if we can have a civil debate and make it about the issues. Rubio said, “I would love to talk about the issues,” Trumps response, “I called him little Marco and he went after my hands and said if they are small you know what else must be small. I can assure you it’s not a problem.” In other words, “Fuck you. You want a civil debate, you ain’t going to get one. I determine the atmosphere of the debate not you. Sure it came at the expense of Trump defending his penis size, which even still people were surprised by, yet it’s clear why he did it: One, Trump is insecure and I guess thought the voters would believe him when he assures them that he is fine where it counts. Two, Trump wants attention and does not care how it comes about. And third, to blankly say, “You want a civil debate about the issues. Well tough. I’m going to talk about my dick. I determine the narrative not you.”

A recent debate was supposed to go on, and Trump said he wasn’t going to appear. Kasich said he would not go on without Trump and so the debate was cancelled. A big event was changed all by one man, which Trump setting the scene and Kasich being a follower and then all the time wondering why he is failing to get the big votes.






Is the RNC Just Stupid or Do They Actually Want Trump to Win?