The Case for Voter ID Laws

Unlike most laws, a voter ID law is not a law in the typical sense. A voter ID law is not a law that throws people into jail for not getting an ID before they vote, but a law that simply denies them the ability to vote without an ID. Therefore one can say that as a consistent anarchist to support voter ID laws is not supporting the use of force against anyone. Sure forced may be used against people who push and try to vote without an ID, but that would be the case of people under the age of 18 who voted, people who aren’t citizens who voted, and people who cut in line and push others to vote. So unless anarchists want to make it where it should be okay for babies to vote then I see no inconsistency in my position.

Republicans say they support voter ID laws in order in order to prevent voter fraud. Why do I support voter ID laws? The same reason Republicans do but won’t admit: To restrict the number of people able to vote. What other rationale would there be? It’s the same reason I’m against declaring voting day a National Holiday. The harder it is to vote the happier a man I am. I also support voting stations being open at inconvenient hours, being situated in the middle of nowhere where it would take hours to vote. I’d support a literacy test, a weight requirement. I’d support a minimum height requirement (ideally it would be anyone under 10 feet can’t vote). I’d support having it where voting stations are placed in high crime areas, opened only late at night where the odds of being mugged and shot is quite high.

Voting is not a right so restricting access to voting is not violating anyone’s rights.

Voting involves voting for candidates that will impose decisions on other people. The fewer the number of people there are who will not engage in such activity, the happier a man I am. The fewer the number of people vote, the more absurd it is for government to claim they represent the voice of the people. Statists of all stripes encourage people to vote. I discourage it, and if there’s a way to make it more inconvenient to vote I’m in support of it. I also recommend requiring the voter ID to be a nude picture so that will hopefully discourage even more people.

The Case For Voter ID Laws